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We understand that sometimes it is difficult to find time to come into the clinic to pick up your pet's medication and foods. That's why we have teamed up with VetsFirstChoice to bring you an easy alternative. VetsFirstChoice gives you the  convenience of having medication and food products delivered right to your doorstep. 

The Advantages of Home Delivery:

Convenience: VetsFirstChoice gives you 24/7 access to a vast catalog of prescription and food items offered by Smiths Station Animal Hospital. The Reminder Services make it easier than ever to follow your doctor's recommendations through customized reminders and our unique auto-refill program.

Trust: Licensed in 50 states, VetsFirstChoice is the most highly accredited partner-pharmacy in the nation.  They  meet the strictest standards for privacy, authentication, and security of prescription orders, as well as follow an established quality assurance program. When you order through VetsFirstChoice, you know that the medication is coming straight from our distributors, directly from the source. The product is guaranteed to be legal, in the original FDA-approved packaging, and carries all of the manufacturer's guarantees. Many other online pharmacies are NOT supported by the manufacturer's guarantees!

Cost Effective: Because we work with the VetsFirstChoice inventory, there are numerous products available, all from one source. This helps keep the costs for ordering low, and allows Smiths Station Animal Hospital to provide you access to products that we may not carry in our hospital. We work with VetsFirstChoice to keep our online prices on par with other online pharmacies, while still providing you the option of talking with a real veterinarian about concerns - a veterinarian you trust.

Getting Started: Getting started with VetsFirstChoice home delivery is simple; just click on the image above to be taken to the VetsFirstChoice website and click on the Login/Register link at the top of the page.  Or, you can come into our hospital and our staff will gladly help you enroll. Our staff can even place your order for you while in the hospital for delivery to your home.